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Alarm Battery Replacements Sales and Service

We replace alarm batteries for security alarm systems to:

Ness, Bosch, CROW, DSC, Hills, Honeywell, Vista, EDM, Solution, CK SYSTEMS, DAS, Hills, NX, Tecom, Nidac alarm battery and much more

Alarm battery replacements services in Melbourne

Alarm Maintenance recommends a qualified technician to replace the main unit battery to ensure the safety and reliable performance of your system. In most cases the alarm systems clock (date/time) needs to be reset and we run a diagnostic check to reset the service light and beeping sound

The first indication of a low battery will display a service light fault, trouble light on, LO BAT for LCD Codepads, or low battery light on . A low battery condition can cause false alarms at random times regardless if the system is armed or disarmed. Alarm systems will also emit a beeping sound to indicate a problem

Each wireless sensor has at least one Lithium Battery that needs to be replaced on a regular basis. The system detects a low battery in wireless sensors and wireless devices. Lithium batteries provide a minimum of 2 years operation and in most cases provide up to 10 years battery life. Actual battery life will depend on the environment in which the sensor is used, the number of triggers that the wireless sensor has had to send, and the type of sensor used. Factors such as humidity, changes in temperatures may lead to the reduction of battery life for a detector. If you have a low battery in a wireless sensor, a low battery message is displayed on the Keypad.

Smoke and Fire Detector Batteries

A battery operated smoke detector with a low battery also emits a single "chirp" sound once every 20 to 30 seconds, making attention to users that the smoke detector battery is very weak. If you do not replace a smoke detector's low battery, the smoke detector may sound continuously and can be very annoying. The low battery chirping comes on as a warning that battery needs immediate replacing. Important: Use only batteries recommended by your security company.

Replacing wireless movement sensor batteries

Before you begin the battery changing process place your alarm system on test at the monitoring control room if it is monitored. You can open the sensor with a medium sized screwdriver wedged into the base and twist to remove cover. Some models like the Ness sensor has a pull down front cover. When changing batteries: Change both of them if there are two. Replace batteries to the sensors. Once the covers are back on, wait 6 minutes to test. One of the most common faults with alarms are movement sensors is a low battery and damages caused as a result of a power surges or lightening strikes. Alarm systems according to Australian Standard AS2201 requires that a commercial alarm system and monitored alarms should be serviced every 12 months and for a residential alarms between 2-3 years.

Alarm Battery Specifications

12v 7ah Alarm Battery Ultratech

alarm battery specifications

The alarm battery comes fully charged. This popular alarm battery is ideal for many Security Alarms Systems. Easy to fit, just unplug the old battery and slide in the new battery (the slide-on metal connectors have disposable white plastic covers for safe shipping). Once you slide off the white plastic covers, connect the red wire to the red (+) terminal and the black wire slides on to the other (-) terminal. Tested and certified as fire safe for alarm panels. Replaces many brands of 12V (12 volt) battery 7 Ah 7.2 or 7.5(Ah = Amp-Hour). This standard alarm battery is identical to the following manufacturers: AmpTech, Bosch, Century, CSB, AUScell, DiaMec, Genesis, Doss, Ultratech, Haze, DS, Enersys, Panasonic, Ness, Powersonic, SSB, Vision, Yuasa

This alarm battery is compatible with most of these popular alarm systems

UltraTech Power Products is a leading brand for Alarm system backup batteries. Designed with the Security industry in mind, this alarm battery is the dependable choice for alarm system installers and owners throughout the World. In addition to their popular UT 1240 and UT 1270 Alarm batteries, the Ultratech Power Products offering includes a full line of rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid batteries in other sizes and capacities in both 12 Volt (12V) and 6 Volt (6V) varieties. UT alarm batteries are found in both burglar and fire alarm systems as well as access control systems, low-voltage lighting, UPS systems and a variety of other battery backup applications. The alarm battery will continue to power a large proportion of residential and commercial alarm units, as well as thousands of other low voltage devices that require low amperage 12 Volt and 6 Volt batteries for primary or reserve power. UltraTech's SLA alarm battery construction is second to none. When comparing this battery against the competition, there is no disputing the higher quality in both parts and construction. The Sealed Lead Acid alarm battery are produced from top quality lead and other components to create a product that you can safeguard your home with.

We recommend and choose the UltraTech alarm battery

Which alarm batteries do technicians and security professionals choose when buying 12 Volt 7 Amp Hour SLA Backup Alarm Batteries? UltraTech Power Products UT 1270, time and time again our Power Products is known to be the most reputable brand in the country. When choosing a 12 Volt 7 Amp Hour SLA battery, the UltraTech UT 1270 is the ideal backup power source. Here are a few reasons the UT 1270 (commonly known as the IM-1270) is recognized as the best in the industry:

This Alarm battery is the direct replacement for previous versions of UT1270 (see also above)



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